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    Prospects and ways of introducing innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases in Uzbekistan

    On October,15, 2020 an online- round table “Prospects and ways of introducing innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases in Uzbekistan” was held.

    Leading medical specialists, representatives of Uzbekistan oncological service, international experts from Russia, as well as representatives of pharmaceutical companies participated in online-round table and as part of the event, a memorandum of cooperation between Uzbekistan’s Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology (RSNPMTSOiR), Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO), Merck and Sona-Pharm companies was signed. The memorandum assumes a joint clinical and research partnership in diagnostics and treatment of head and neck tumors and colorectal cancer field in order to increase modern medical care for cancer patient’s availability.

    Tyulyandin Sergey Alekseevich, MD, DSc, Professor, Deputy Director for Research Institute of Clinical Oncology, FSBI NMITs Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin “of Russian Ministry of Health, Chairman of  All-Russian public organization” Russian Society of Clinical Oncology ” said: “To fights against cancer, it is important to consolidate the entire medical community efforts, interaction for experience exchanging should be established between oncologists and doctors of related specialties, improve professional knowledge and skills aimed at prevention, early detection, timely and high-quality treatment of malignant neoplasms in order to reduce mortality and preserving the quality of life of cancer patients ”.

    Today, increased attention to approaches for oncological diseases detection and treatment in Uzbekistan is paid.  An increasing in initially diagnosed patients’ number is noted annually. In 2018, oncological diseases’ primary detection rate was 23 396 cases, 2019 showed detection rate’s increasing in from 5.3% – to 24 648 cases.

    Experts are confident: if diagnostics and medicine level is high itself, patient’s chances for recovery are very high too, and innovative methods of cancer diagnostics and treatment introduction will significantly improve medical care quality in Uzbekistan, where cancer disease’s level  in 2019 was 74.1 per 100 000 of population.

    In of oncological diseases’ structure in Uzbekistan, breast cancer is on the first place, occupying 11.2%, stomach cancer is on the second place – 5.7%, cervical cancer is in the third – 5.6%.

    Mirzagalib Tillyashaikhov, oncologist-surgeon, professor, director of Uzbekistan’s Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology (RSNPMTSOiR): “Besides introducing breast and cervical cancers into screening in Uzbekistan, we managed to launch pilot screening options for esophagus cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer in Fergana region. Anticancer drugs provision has also improved from 90 to 95%. All 15 oncological centers were transformed into RSNPMTSOiR branches. Plans for next year are: da Vinci robotic installation, a cyber knife and an angiographic complex introduction, which will certainly improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment. We will also carry out more modern diagnostics to identify patients with stages I-II ”.

    International scientific, technological and pharmaceutical companies, in turn, are ready to provide assistance and access to innovative technologies and developments for local experts for deeper introduction of treating cancer modern methods in Uzbekistan.

    Roger Elia, director of Merck Biopharma in CIS countries: “We strive to contribute to medical care for cancer patients’ provision around the world and, in particular, in Uzbekistan. An example of successful and effective fruitful cooperation for us is a project on molecular genetic diagnostics support (RAS testing), within the framework of our partnership with Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO), which provides a qualitative effectiveness of anticancer treatment increasing. Nowadays, oncology is not a sentence. Early detection, timely diagnosis and personalized treatment are the key therapeutic factors that can improve treatment outcomes and survival rates.”

    Ostap Kupnovitskiy, CEO of Sona-Pharm: “Only by uniting, we can change the situation in diagnostics and treatment of malignant neoplasm, develop and improve current methods. In education and training of professional personnel field, we also have a lot to do, which, in turn, will contribute to development of a socially significant medical direction in state health care system of Uzbekistan, so that patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma will have access to innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment “.

    Effective treatment of oncological diseases search is one of the most urgent areas of modern medical science all over the world. Growing number of such ailments remains a serious problem for Uzbekistan as well. Experts are confident that a comprehensive approach to agreements reached during the round table implementation will help to get closer to reducing cancer mortality rate, increase anticancer drugs provision and expand access to high-tech treatments