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    International Symposium of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine

    International Symposium of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM) “Theory and Practice of Human Reproduction” was held in Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivsk region) from May 31st till June 2nd, 2019. Almost 500 participants, a record number of gynecologists-reproductologists, embryologists, geneticists and clinical managers attented this event!

    Sona-Pharm, the exclusive partner of Merck in Ukraine, the general sponsor of the conference and long-time (over 15 years) partner of UARM, organized a satellite symposium intriguingly titled “Future has already happened”. The company invited prof. Gryshchenko M.G. and prof. Zaychenko G.V. from Ukraine, Dr. Alice Marzal and Marcos Mezeguer, from Spain, to lecture the latest achievements and their successful personal experience in ART.

    There was continuous, professional and friendly communication among doctors and employees of Sona-Pharm company. Everyone at the Merck’s booth could request some specific info and get the proper answer, as well as taste some fragrant coffee with delicious cookies.

    The org committee of symposium encouraged to take part in charity marathon in favor of the development of Childrens Home. By the way, the winner of this competition, Dr. Marcos Mezeger, proved one could be not only a talented scientist and charismatic lecturer, but also a dedicated athlete!

    Wonderful views, nice people, delicious Carpathian food were true bonuses which everyone could enjoy in addition to the modern scientific conference!

    The participants went into recess till the next year with a great mood and heavy scientific luggage.