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    Fertility Award ceremony 2019

    A few days ago, 25th of June 2019, Sona-Pharm Group gathered the best IVF specialists in the charming city of Vienna (Austria) for the third Fertility Award ceremony 2019.

    Palais Ferstel

    This common initiative of Sona-Pharm LLC and MERCK company event took place in the atmospheric Palais Ferstel, ancient wonderful building in the center of the city. The best scientific ideas in the IVF fields, including gynecology, reproductology, genetic and embryology, has united the best specialists from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan. 18 abstracts were accepted and review by the board of four experts from CIS countries this year.

    The first winner has became Yurchuk Taisia, embryologist from Kharkiv, Ukraine: “Increasing the cumulative pregnancy rate after the transfer of cryopreserved embryos with zona pellucida impaired”; the 2nd place – Alekseyeva Olena from Minsk, Belarus, in the field of clinical embryology: “Application of HOS test in TESE / ICSI programs in patients with obstructive form of azoospermia in case of the mobile sperm absence “; the 3rd place – prof. Malachinska Maria from Lviv, Ukraine, gynecologist-reproductologist: “The effect of melatonin on ovulation and the quality of oocytes at the stage of pregnancy planning. Perspective controlled study “. The award ceremony was attended by more than 130 guests invited to scientific collaboration by Sona-Pharm and Merck